Our agents are educated to make sure YOU are also paid in the event of a health claim, instead of just the hospital or the Doctor. Medical Supplement coverage is critical to our financial well-being. Seniors have long recognized the need to have a Medicare Supplement plan because, well, Medicare simply doesn’t pay all the bills. The exposure for leaving bills unpaid is too high for most seniors, so they purchase a Medicare Supplement. Just like the well informed seniors, those carrying standard or individual Health Insurance also recognize the need to have more coverage. Medical Supplements protect you, the consumer from the financial disasters that can occur because of time spent off work and away from home taking care

of the medically infirmed who have long term treatments in Hospital and other facilities. In America, 62% of all Bankruptcies have been filed by people who have had such large medical expenses that they simply can’t dig out of the financial hole. Our clients are shocked to learn that of those, 78% had health insurance!
Seventy eight percent have health insurance and file Bankruptcy anyway!  We have beneficial supplements that complete your health insurance protection and protects the most important person, YOU. We protect the most important entity, your family. Medical and Medicare Supplements are critical coverages to have.


“I really enjoyed working with Mike and his team at Utah Health Insurance Advisors, his expertise in not only finding me the best insurance but also educating me on supplements was eye opening. I’ve referred many friends and will continue to do so.”

— J. Crandall

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