Special Enrollment


Special Enrollment Is the Exception to Open Enrollment

Special Enrollment Period is an exception that allows you to enroll outside of open enrollment under extenuating circumstances, frequently called a life event. Known as a Special Enrollment Period, this allows you to sign up for health insurance if you lost your other health insurance because you:

  • Lost coverage in last 60 days or plan to lose it in next 60 days, job loss
  • Change in household income
  • Moved state or county
  • Got married or divorced
  • Became a widow or widower
  • Aged off of a parent’s plan, turned 26
  • COBRA insurance expired
  • Have a new baby, adopted a child or new foster parent
  • Became a U.S. citizen
  • Being released from prison or detention
  • A prolonged illness that required hospitalization
  • An enrollment error made by an insurer, government entity, or insurance agent
  • A natural disaster

PLEASE NOTE: You won’t be eligible for a special enrollment period if you lost your other health insurance because you didn’t pay the monthly premium or if you voluntarily canceled your prior coverage.

Special Enrollment Info

“I tried to enroll myself and it was a complete disaster, then I called John with Utah Health Insurance Advisors and within 30 minutes he had me enrolled in a better plan than I had selected. He also was able to show me a plan analysis which made me feel comfortable we had selected the best plan for my family.”

— W. Williams

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