Life Insurance


Our Agency has specialized in Life Insurance since 1981. We are experts in the field. Think about this, our in office Life Experts, in terms of credentials and experience is found in the TOP 1/10th of 1 percent of all those current life agents in Utah. Life insurance can be the best financial decision you ever make or just a mediocre one. If your parent or spouse were going into the Hospital for an Open Heart Surgery, wouldn’t you help them choose the Doctor with 37 years of experience and was trained better than any other Doctor available? Don’t you want the same expertise and experience for the most important Financial Instrument you may ever own?

We think you do and is why we continue to lead the State in experience and expertise. We understand the tax laws surrounding the ownership of Life Insurance. We understand the Un-Holy Trinity of Life Insurance. The taxation of Life Insurance can be totally destructive to a family depending on Tax Free Life Insurance proceeds. We will issue your life insurance without any risk of taxation, it’s what we do all day, every day.

Call us for answers. Call us with your questions! Call us for Life Insurance!

“I love their transparent software and meeting with John was fast and painless! He was able to show me how the tax credits worked and I was shocked to see how much we could save. Picking a plan was easy and I also purchased some supplements that were more affordable than I thought too. I will be back next year!

— C. Kinsley

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